where to start if you’re new

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If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you’re limited with investment, where should you start?

Start here


Because someone who’s working with a limited budget (time, money or both) can’t afford to put on their scientist hat and go figure affiliate marketing through trial and error. There’s just not enough time or money for that.

They have to go for a proven method that offers a high chance of success.

Here’s one such approach I recommend

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still method-hopping?

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Most affiliate marketers quit before they make their first sale.

They cluelessly wonder from one shiny object to another until they exhaust their patience and budget and walk away.

But here’s a provoking thought…

What if their first sale was within grasp, but they just didn’t know how to get it?

And what if the difference between frantic method-hopping and trudging into your first affiliate sale… and your second one… and your third one… is not working harder or doing more or spending more money – but simply doing one thing differently?

This is exactly what happened to my friend Igor, who spent 8 months chasing his first clickbank commission check. Igor says he almost quit, if it wasn’t for his dad, who was nagging at Igor daily about his affiliate pipedream. He just wanted to prove the guy wrong!

He went on a wild goose chase in search of an affiliate marketing approach that works. After months of trial and error, he found one.

Want to know what it is?

Watch this video

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locked out of my facebook account

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

They put him in Facebook jail.

My buddy Igor was using a Facebook friends tactic to promote clickbank affiliate offers and apparently broke some kind of Facebook rule, so they froze his account and locked him out for a few days.

I don’t know if this ever happened to you, but I’ve had… and it’s an irksome feeling to be locked out of your social media account.

It’s quite unsettling to know that Facebook doesn’t like you trying to make a living off the platform.

But there is a solution. Two steps:

Stop marketing affiliate offers on Facebook
Do this instead

What happened to my buddy Igor?

He took his affiliate marketing completely off Facebook and other social media sites. He switched to marketing offers using a proven technique other super-affiliates use

Igor Kheifets & clientName

P.S. No matter how big, how awesome, how addictive… Facebook will always put it’s own agenda first. It won’t change to help you make money. It will most likely change to prevent you from making money. The writing is on the Facebook wall (pun intended) for affiliate marketers. But hey, don’t be sad, there’s a better way to get your first affiliate sale in the next 30 days

what I hate about starting a new affiliate business

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The most frustrating thing about starting in affiliate marketing is the… NOT KNOWING.

Not knowing… if you’re doing it wrong.

Not knowing… if you should stop or persist.

Not knowing… if you selected the right niche/product to promote.

Not knowing… if you picked the right traffic strategy.

Not knowing… if there’s a better way you don’t know about.

Not knowing… who to trust.

If you’re sick of “not knowing” then you’ll enjoy this new video about affiliate marketing

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social media: good or bad?

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Does social media marketing work for affiliate marketers?

According to my friend Igor – not so much.


Because Igor, having started out completely broke, was chasing gold at the end of the social media rainbow for a couple of years trying to monetize his Facebook, his Twitter and his YouTube account.

Igor even built a WordPress blog where he documented his journey and all that jazz… only to abandon it 8 months later with thousands of long-tail-keyword optimized posts because they weren’t making him money.

Surprisingly, after Igor stopped doing social media marketing and changed his approach to what he describes in this video it all changed for him

I can relate to what Igor went through. I spent countless hours browsing the internet researching methods. Some were too expensive and too hard to even attempt.

Others just didn’t work.

I hate to think of all the time and money I wasted and I always wished there was an easier way.

It was under my nose all along

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why I don’t try to learn from free youtube videos anymore

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of useful but incomplete information.

That’s why I’ve been watching fewer youtube videos and attending fewer webinars lately.

They’re inspiring, but give you no useful plan to follow.

I figured the only way to get a specific step-by-step action plan is to follow and learn directly from people who have become full-time affiliate marketers like my buddy Igor.

In this really cool new video Igor just released you can see and understand how he’s taking students from nothing to their 1st affiliate commission in just 30 days. Sometimes, in 10 days. It depends on the student

What’s clear, though, is that in the last years he’s been pretty consistent at helping people start and scale affiliate businesses from scratch. It’s clear by all the case studies he shares in this new video he released

What I find most impressive is how he’s got case studies that are:

Male and female
English speaking and non-english speaking
Middle class income earners and below middle class income earners (not one of his students started out with a large capital or anything)
Young and old

It’s like he knows a universally-effective way to get people started in affiliate marketing.

See for yourself at

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his father laughed at his affiliate dream…

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

It’s a well known fact that for any affiliate marketer, the first sale is the hardest.

Usually, if you cross the “first sale divide,” you’ve practically made it, because every next sale is going to be much easier.

My buddy Igor shares his three and a half year journey to his first affiliate sale in this new video he just released.

I loved Igor’s story and really wanted to share it with you, because his family and friends didn’t make it easy for him. In fact, his father was his biggest naysayer and always made fun of Igor for chasing a pipedream.

Here’s how Igor proved his dad wrong

Igor Kheifets & clientName

P.S. $124.37… that’s how much Igor made after putting 42 months into his affiliate marketing business. Igor says, if he had to start over, he’d make that in the first half of the first day, because he wouldn’t have had to figure out what works by trying all the things that don’t work. He says he’d simply use this one method to see fast results from scratch.

your 1st affiliate sale

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

If you’re still chasing your first affiliate sale, you should hear from my buddy Igor who shares the amazing story of how it took him 42 months to get his first Clickbank commission in this new video.

Igor shares the 4 methods he tried that didn’t work.

Then he shares the one method that worked… and continues to work today like a swiss clock.

He then shares how he took this method to a bunch of total beginners and how they started seeing results in a matter of weeks instead of years!


Igor Kheifets & clientName

P.S. Using this technique Igor became the top 1% super-affiliate in his niche. He says every super-affiliate uses this technique (even if they don’t talk about it) because it’s so proven. Get details in this video.

friend shared it with me, thought you’d might want to see it too

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

If you’re looking for a fast way to start with affiliate marketing with a high chance of success, then you gotta watch this new video from my buddy Igor, who figured out how to take people from zero to their first affiliate sale within just 30 days.

Igor’s nobody special.

He’s unlike all those fake affiliate marketing gurus who rent yachts, lamborghinis and mansions to impress you. He’s a super down to earth guy, who just seems to have put his finger on an affiliate approach that works for average people.

He put together a detailed video where he goes deeper into how it works and what him and his students were able to achieve with it here.

Igor Kheifets & clientName

P.S. Did you know that the vast majority of Clickbank affiliate marketers make zilch… even after years and years of trying to promote affiliate products? Here’s what they’re doing wrong.