Twitter and Facebook ban Trump

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

I never thought I would come to it, but…

During the final few weeks of Trump’s presidency Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram blocked The Donald.

According to them his posts violated their policies.

Blocking affects you differently on each platform.

On Facebook and Instagram he couldn’t post for 24 hours.

On Twitter he couldn’t post and his tweets couldn’t be liked, retweeted (also known as shared) or commented on.

Until eventually he got permanently banned from the platforms altogether.

However my message is not an email about politics.

It is an email about control.

More specifically, controlling the flow of visitors to your links.

Social media sites are notorious for blocking and even deleting accounts sight unseen.

The Donald is an extreme example but he’s not the only one.

People lose their biznises for offending a pimple-faced millennial at Washington.

They spent years building a following that lets them drive clicks.

Yet, a post or a Tweet seen by the wrong person spells doom.

Again, this is not about who is right or wrong. It’s about whether you want total control or not

I want total control.

That’s is why I don’t waste a single second on social media.

“Igor, Show Me What You Do Instead, Please”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

traffic brainteaser

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Early on I discovered what separates losers from winners in affiliate marketing.

Lots of targeted traffic.

But, hey, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to appreciate the truth in this statement. But you kind of need one to figure out how to actually channel some hits to your link in spite of there being no shortage of options.

Which is what I spent most of my waking hours trying to figure out for the next three and a half years.

I started with social media because it was free and hot.

Everyone and their brother said if you weren’t on Facebook and Twitter, it’s like you didn’t exist.

So I put a good year into mastering social media.

I built quite the following too.

All organic, no blackhat nonsense.

But somehow it all made exactly 0 seyls.

So then I tried search engine optimization.

I started blogging and everything.

I did my keyword research for breakfast and by dinner time had 5 articles published on Ezine Articles and hundreds of other directories.

I only got a trickle of visits this way. None of them good enough.

But I got no sales.

It seemed like any keyword that could bring real buyers to my site was too competitive.

And the ones which weren’t competitive simply had no money in them.

I kept at it, trying every trick in the digital expert’s playbook…





Native ads

Banner ads

Click exchanges

Nothing… just nothing worked. Until there was one which did.


Igor Kheifets & clientName

6 traffic sources I don’t want to use ever again

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

What’s the best way to promote affiliate offers?

Bad question.

Better question…

What’s the most effective strategy to get targeted visitors for products in my niche?

This makes a huge difference.


Because there’s no one size fits all method to get in front of people online.

There’s a traffic source for every offer. But there’s no universal solution that works for everything without exception. Just doesn’t exist. Sorry.

Trufik eggsperts don’t want you to know this because it would get in the way of mass-selling their courses and expensive coaching programs.

Here are the typical options they put in front of you (and my experience with each one):

Facebook – Passionate markets like vegans, pets, golf, scrapbooking, foreign
languages, and fitness are top performers here. However the organic reach is abysmal and Zuckerberg hates anyone who can’t shell out 1,000,000/month for ads

Instagram – 88% of users are outside the US and 71% are under the age of 35. Instagram is a lot like Facebook since passionate markets are also top performers here. But like Facebook, organic posts no longer have amazing reach

Twitter – Works great with everything related to politics. But ads perform horribly so this limits your ability to scale

Linkedin – The #1 channel for B2B mrakters. I still haven’t seen anyone make it work for B2C

Pinterest – Great if you sell to women since 81% of users here are female. Also, ecommerce products perform well but info-products and services don’t.

Google & Youtube – I’m combining them since users are primarily searchers here. Flipping them from a “searching” mindset to a “buying” one is hard. And even if you target those who want to buy, you’re competing against super potent opponents.

Looking at the above you might think there’s no such thing as a singular approach of quality leads. And you’re right. There is simply no such thing.

But there’s one that comes really close. And I’ve been milking it for years.


“Show Me What It Is, Igor!”

I’ve been using it for years non-stop.

It works for every niche and interest.

It’s fast.

It’s automated.

It’s affordable.

It’s easy to use.

“Tell Me How Did It, Igor, Please!”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

Gary Vaynerchuk’s alter ego

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Meet Harry Grinderchuck, Gary Vaynerchuk’s alter ego.

H.G. is an affiliate mrakter who only uses organic techniques to promote offers so he doesn’t have to shell out coins for visits to his landing page.

Mr. Grinderchuck is an all around social media expert, he knows how to build wordpress sites and has taken many classes to master the craft of attracting visitors through quality content.

He’s got one distinct quality about his work ethic. He’s all about the grind.

His typical day looks like so:

6:30 AM – Wakes up, washes up, and turns on the PC

7 AM – 8:15 AM – Writes a 2,000-3,000 word piece for his blog. Search engines and their readers love fresh unique material and for him it is all about giving people what they want.

8:15 AM – 8:30 AM – Eats two apples for breakfast

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM – He locates images for the article and downloads them. He names each picture after a long-tail keyword since it helps SEO. He reads out the text to make sure it flows. After some editing, he posts it to his blog and Facebook page

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM – He breaks his manuscript into tweets. He also records himself reading it, takes the audio and turns it into a podcast. He takes a picture, merges an audio track into it and gets a video file for his Youtube account. He also uploads quotes on Instagram with the right hashtags

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – According to the experts, social media platforms give more reach to those whose followers engage best. So Harry replies to people’s questions as fast as he can.

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM – He browses Facebook groups, Reddit, affiliate mrakting blogs and a dozen forums. He answers questions and provides value. At the end he makes a CTA for people to check his blog and reach out if they have any further questions.

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM – He eats dinner while answering emails and personal messages

5:30 PM – 10:30 PM – H.G. calls it “me” time. But instead of going out or relaxing, he brainstorms ideas and researches no cost methods, attends webinars learning about organic techniques and continues to chat with potential prospects on social media trying to close sales. During this time block he’s least effective and most irritated, because he’s burnt out.

10:30 PM – passed out on the couch.

1:12 AM – wakes up, drinks a glass of water and moves his limp body to the bedroom where he falls asleep in the same clothes he spent the entire day working.

Is such life worth it?

I could argue that it does… if one is making tons of seyls.

But we all know Grinderchuck isn’t making any.

He’s just filling his day with tons of busy work.

I know because I used to be that guy!

I used to be the organic social media affiliate.

And it did not work.

I achieved far greater results using a little known paid strategy (even though I didn’t start out reech).

This trufeek source generates 4,224,799 targeted english-speaking clicks a year on autopilot.

It has nothing to do with SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or any other free method.

You won’t have to pump out articles and videos on a daily basis to make it work.

In fact you don’t have to create any content.


Is there a catch?

Yes — it’s a paid traffic method. Not free.

But even so, it’s sooooooo prophitable.

Want to know how it works?

“Yes, Igor, Show Me, Please”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

the growing socio-economic gap

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

I’m about to cite a study below. But please know, before I do, that it’s off. Whoever published the below mentioned research has their numbers wrong.

They’re much worse, in fact.

Recent report by a local paper says one’s gotta be making at least 100K a year to afford to live in Toronto, Ontario.

Here’s what you’ll be able to buy:


The study says:

“Middle class lifestyle was common and available to most people 30 years ago. Today it’s only available to the top 10% today. Pandemic only increased the gap.”

My family and I moved to Toronto on December 3rd 2017.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived from Israel is the incredibly-high cost of day to day life.

While some things are much cheaper (like buying a 6 pound Tuna bucket in Costco for a few bucks or getting 353 rolls of toilet paper or something), there are a ton of expenses I simply didn’t account for. Including but not limited to triple rent (compared to my old place in Israel), expensive car insurance (5 times what I was paying back home), snow removal fees, heat and water bill and stuff.

Each passing year, I’m noticing a steady increase in my spending.

I keep buying more stuff and upgrading the old stuff I already own. For example, I went from residing in 4 bedroom townhouse our first year to moving the family into a 7 bedroom home where we now have more bathrooms than people sleeping in it.

Or that other time when I upgraded from Mercedes S500 Long edition to a Porsche Panamera.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. Just saying it all adds up.

But you know what?

I shrug it off.

That’s not because I was born with a silver spoon up my ass.

Daddy and mommy Kheifets never been meeleeoners.

And I didn’t win the lottery.

I just figured out how to drive buyer-intent visitors to my landers and started seeing great numbers (enable pics)


The above stats are from an inkum sauce I set up 4 years ago.

I haven’t touched it since.

Yet it chugs along nicely, bringing in enough each month to cover a big portion of my bills.

Or how about these:


It is a software I promote as an affiliate. What’s cool is that it sends recurring dollar drops my way each month.

Commissions aren’t huge. But it’s nice to see them land in my account without having to do much to earn them.

And let’s not forget about awards:


I’ve won 8 trophies in the last 3 years.

And I’ll continue winning more…

There’s one thing that makes all these great things coming my way…

Quality targeted traffic.

When you’ve got lots of people with buyer intent hitting your landing page non stop, yearly increases in the cost of living don’t hurt.

But this is easier said than done, because it’s gotten harder in recent years to mine clicks from the internet.

All these so called proven sources are no longer bullet proof. Many don’t even work anymore.

So what should you do?

I invite you to review a different strategy I’ve been quietly using, without making much noise or drama about, in order to get tens of thousands of visitors a day to my links.

I learned about it behind a closed door 25,000/yr mastermind. It’s one of those times in my life when I had to go shake some hands and bribe some people just to be allowed into the small community of insiders who’ve got access to this method.

Lemme tell you upfront – it’s not Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, social media, or even solo ads.

“Igor, I Would Love To Know More, Plz!”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

Igor Kiyosaki

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

In his 2nd book, Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of two village men Ed and Bill.

Ed and Bill lived in a village with a water shortage, so they set out to solve this problem by starting a water-carrying business.

Ed grabbed two buckets and started hauling water back and forth every day. It was back-breaking work, but he was meyking good muhnee and making a difference for villagers.

Bill didn’t haul water.

Instead, he started planning a pipeline.

This pipeline took several months to conceive, architect and build.

Ed watched Bill spending day after day, thinking, sketching and strategizing, feeling superior, because he was busier than ever. He was seizing the opportunity.

One day, though, Bill finished the pipeline and everything changed.

He walked into the village square, attached a faucet to the pipe and turned it on.

Villagers started walking up, one by one, filling up their buckets and pots, paying Bill a small fee and going about their day.

Bill never did any sort of manual labour ever again.

Different story for Ed, though.

Seeing how villagers were using Bill’s faucet, he recruited a few people to help him carry water more efficiently.

But it also created expenses Ed didn’t budget for.

His inkom went down.

Then customers started leaving him one by one, preferring the faster and more efficient way of getting water.

Things got even worse when Ed hurt his back during one of the trips and couldn’t work as much anymore.

The point of the story?

No matter how hard you’re willing to work, having a system is always better.

That’s what I’ve done with traffic generation.

Free traffic fanboys spend hours every day, writing articles, shooting videos, recording podcasts, repurposing content and monitoring their stats.

They get a trickle of traffic here and there.

But if they stop wewking, the traffic stops.


I created a traffic faucet I can turn on and off at will.

I shot a new traffic case study where I explain how it works.

This traffic source is rare because it’s both automated, quality and affordable.

It converts, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not free. And there’s a cost.

But this cost is amortized quickly by the conversions it generates (enable images):



Igor Kheifets & clientName

Russell Brunson’s dumbest move ever?

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

One of the scariest things about building an opt-in list is the looming danger of the spam button.

It’s probably the single biggest reasons why the people who know how effective having your own database of subscribers can be never actually set out to build one.

And for good reason. No one is immune. Even the greatest of all time, like the founder of ClickFunnels.

While in college, Russell Brunson bought 1,000,000 “spam-free” e-mail records.

He figured these are special people that don’t hit the complaint button, so he could mail them as he pleased without consequences.

Few days later a CD arrived in the mail that contained one meeellion (spoken with Dr. Evil’s pinky to mouth demeanor) prospects ripe for mailing.

Russell thought that if he sent out a message selling a 50 dallah product and 1% bought, he’d meyk 500,000.

Keep in mind this was back when dial up connections were still a thing.

Russell had to use his local host to send out all of these e-letters.

He didn’t even know he needed an autoresponder.

He launched the program and went to bed.

He woke up to a huge surprise.

Only 6,423 of the 1,000,000 recipients were sent.

A glitch? A bug?

Phone rings.

“Hello, are you Russell Brunson?”


“What the %#&$@% are you doing? In the past six hours, we’ve received over thirty spam complaints. We’re shutting you down.”

No, sir, wait, there must be some kind of mistake.

These are spam-free addresses!

I just bought this list from a website

“Son, buying a list is the definition of SPAM”

The guy went on to threaten him with a lawsuit, but Russell talked his way out of it.

It was a pretty dumb thing to do, but can you blame him? I can’t. I’d probably do the same thing had I had the chance, because I was desperate.

Anyhoo, Russell should have never bought email lists again. And neither should you.

No matter how cheap it seems, no matter how easy — it’s trouble.

The only legitimate way to generate leads is through buying ads or working your ass off to generate organic hits.

I’m not a fan of the latter, because it’s super slow.

You could waste years building sites and creating content and generate virtually no visitors.

Buying clicks is more predictable.

But it’s expensive.

But what if I said you could generate paid media, but only pay for actual conversions? Not clicks or impressions?

I just put together a new case study where you can see and understand a different traffic strategy that generates up to 4,224,799 clicks that can turn up to 1,339,261 opt-in subscribers.


It takes away all the frustrations of building a responsive list.

In a nutshell, you’re only charged when you generate a lead. Not a click.

This means less risk for you.

This means more efficient use of your budget.

This means you’ll be putting every ad dollar you spend to good use.

In case you’re wondering if you can get started with $5 a day with this method – you can’t.

This trufik source is perfect for people who value time over money.

“Yes, I Want To Leverage Automation To Get More Freedom, Igor!”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

P.S. I don’t imply to be smarter than Russell. I’ve done some stupid things too. Like that time I hacked into an autoresponder and used a bunch of fake names to send out promos. Or that other time when I almost got banned from the WarriorForum for impersonating their WF deal of the day. It was a long time ago and I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I knew I was breaking the rules (and the law), but did it anyway because I was desperate. If only I knew this…

my accountant wanted you to see this (image)

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

“Look at this”

WhatsApp message from Mariya, my accountant was glowing on my lock screen.


She never calls me.

It must be some bad news.

I swipe right.

It’s a photo.

Enable images to see what she sent me…


“This is the Canadian average inkom chart, Igor. And here’s what you’re making…”



“Congrats, Igor! You’re in the top 0.01% inkom earners in the entire Canada”

I knew I was doing well.

But never thought I was that well off.

I guess compared to most Canadians, I truly am reech, eh?

But there’s more to the story.

While some Canadians, especially lawyers, IT specialists and financial advisors meyk damn good money, they drop the ball in other areas.

Their marriage cracks under pressure…

Their kids become drug addicts…

They are grossly out of shape…

They smoke weed every night just to wind down from the stress.

Here’s what I have they do not:


This is key to my lifestyle and my inkom.

I just put together a new case study where I share one of my secrets – an automated traffic source that’s responsible for bringing in new leads and customers without me having to put in the hours at the office.

This is not your typical traffic case study about Facebook ads or Google.

This is revolutionary.

This is different.


Igor Kheifets & clientName

FB ads cost in 2022

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

What is the ideal budget you need to test Facebook ads in 2022?

How long does it take to develop a high-performing Facebook ads campaign?

These are the two most common questions about Facebook ads.

Recently, FB ad agency that shall remain nameless, stated in response to these questions:

“We recommend you budget at least 7,000.00 to determine if Facebook ads will work for your business. Whatever your total budget is, divide it by 6. Why? Because it takes at least 6-months to build an effective Facebook campaign. This is because you will rarely build a profitable campaign on day 1. It takes weeks and months of reviewing performance data and making proper changes to your campaign to increase performance.”


This explains why the only people who report results with Facebook ads are the agencies that sell Facebook ad management services.

Thing is, while the client is putting all this money on the line, she continues to pay agency fees throughout the testing phase.

That’s 6 months of monthly payments on top of the ad spend regardless of results.


There are better traffic sources than Facebook out there.

More affordable.



I just put together a new traffic case study where I share a super cool new traffic source that’s getting 15,862 English-speaking visitors per day.

I’ve been using it for years like clockwork.

Some of my campaigns have been running untouched for 4+ years as they continue to produce for me.


Unlike Facebook clicks who are in a “social” mindset and want to escape their boring lives, clicks from this traffic source are in a “buying” mindset.

I meyd 4,006,073.24 in a single year thanks to this traffic source (enable images):


Not bad for a broke immigrant kid who used to scrub toilets for a living, right?

There’s no way I could meyk that much with Facebook ads. Not in a million years.

“Yes, Igor, Show Me Your New Traffic Source”

Igor Kheifets & clientName

brazen barefaced pitch

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

If you’re easily offended, I’d like to extend a sincerely apology for what’s about to come next – a blatant shameless pitch about new course I’ve put together for people who want to drive more quality visitors to their links.

Such is life that I’ve got to be blunt sometimes and just tell you to buy the damn thing.

So here goes…

Would you like to see a new way that generates 4,224,799 targeted English-speaking clicks a year that frankly noone’s talking about?

It’s not Flakebook, SCRooGle, Instaface, Restipin or Solo Azz.

What I like most about this strategy is — almost no one knows about it — and therefore it’s not as competitive or expensive as the run of the mill options you’re familiar with. And it’s affiliate friendly.

It works virtually in every niche market, especially in the big markets like WFH, weight loss, financial, health and fitness, etc.

In order to generate thousands of quality leads each month, you will not need to write 1,000 word articles or shoot video content in your home studio.

You will not have to lock yourself in your basement and stay active on social media.

You will not have to sell your first born to Mark Zuckerberg’s attourney.

But there’s more…

You never pay for impressions or clicks. You only pay for reezalts.

“I’m Dying To Find Out More, Show Me The Presentation, Igor!”

Igor Kheifets & clientName