4 traffic discoveries

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

1. there’s more paid traffic than free and it’s easy to access if you’re willing to pony up the dough

2. cheap = bad (that’s why some sources like push, mobile apps, and popups remain cheap over time)

3. good = expensive (because everyone’s trying to get a slice and it drives prices up)

4. good traffic becomes more expensive over time until prices are unreasonable and only advertisers with the deepest pockets can survive

Now, does this mean average people are doomed?

Yes and no.

You are doomed if you rely on the same old sources available to the masses. I’m talking about Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, content marketing, SEO, push, etc.

You are not doomed if you tap into a traffic source that’s fresh, converts, and is affordable.
This is the only traffic source that fits the above criteria.

You can generate buyer clicks dirt cheap.

I know people who make up to $4,017.88/day on autopilot thanks to them.

And they do it without:

– a list

– writing emails

– spamming people on social media

– pumping content 24/7

– sacrificing time with my family

Would you like to see what they do and, even better, how you can do so for yourself?

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what is a traffic affordability cycle and why should you care?

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

In the beginning, a new traffic source is affordable for everyone.

Slowly but steadily, the user base grows since people are catching on.

With competition on the rise, it drives prices up. In fact, there’s a tipping point where you see a 2X-4X increase almost overnight.

Then, 99% of users can no longer keep up and stop using said traffic source.

But still, there’s a period (the traffic affordability cycle) where you can enjoy high converting, affordable traffic with zero competition.

And I know because we’ve seen it happen with Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

So the question becomes:

What is the next “tomorrow’s hyper-expensive traffic source” that is still affordable for average people?

You’ll find the answer in today’s workshop.

This source has been around for a while.

However, they never took their ad platform seriously until a couple of years back.

They expanded their volume to billions each month and even created the most user-friendly interface I’ve ever seen.

Plus, when I began promoting “make money online” and “weight loss” offers I was blown away. You can easily generate passive income without building a list or sending emails.

I genuinely believe this source is the next big traffic thing.

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my favorite traffic source for competitive niches

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

It’s rare to find traffic that converts well, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and in competitive niches, such as “make money online” and “weight loss”

Yet, the search PPC traffic source I’ll reveal in today’s workshop fits the above criteria perfectly.

For example, here are CPCs for various keywords:

make money online – 0.33

best belly fat burner – 0.91

how do I make money online – 0.33

best stomach fat burners – 1.34

Those are great numbers.

Even better, you can get insane conversions resulting in easy passive income.


I know this source is as good as Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads were when they first appeared.

The few smart people who tapped into them made a lot with minimum hassle.

And I feel this is our opportunity to do the same.

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how to minimize overwhelm as an up and coming affiliate

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

I admit:

When I was getting started as an affiliate, I had it way easier than most people who start now.


Because I didn’t experience half of the overwhelm.

Take for example something as simple as choosing an offer.

The only place I had to go was Clickbank. JVZoo wasn’t founded yet and the leadership of WarriorPlus was still figuring things out.

Then, instead of 20 offers being released daily, there would be at best one every week or every 10 days. You didn’t get FOMO (fear of missing out) trying to decide which one to promote.

And of course picking traffic sources, landing page software, and autoresponders was also once simple but now it’s also overwhelming.

As a result?

You get frozen by analysis paralysis.

You never move forward because you’re afraid of making a mistake and losing time and money.

Luckily the solution is clear.

Pick one method that works and ignore all the rest.

The traffic source I’m revealing today is a good example of this principle.

I’ve been using it seriously this year while ignoring other popular methods.

And since it’s new and unsaturated, I’m able to set it and forget it.

So, I generate passive income while sleeping or enjoying life

Interested in discovering more?

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3 painful lessons from free traffic methods

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

1. slow and they need a lot of patience to get the ball rolling

2. hyper-competitive because 99% of people will start with them

3. not actually free since you have to buy tools, develop skills and spend time on creating content


If you’re a busy person who also wants to enjoy time with his family, it’s clear free traffic methods are not for you.

That’s why this traffic source won my heart.

It’s fast.

People still ignore it so there’s minimal competition.

You can get started with $10/day, optimize your campaigns, and get profitable fast (and with zero manual labor other than 5-10 minutes to set everything up)

What about you?

Do you really have the time, energy, and patience to make free traffic methods work for you?

My guess is no.

That’s why you owe it to yourself to register for today’s webclass where you’ll get all the cool details about this great traffic source.

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why you don’t need to build a list with this traffic source

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Before I give you the “why” I need to be abundantly clear about this:

The main reason I started building a list was because I’d drive traffic to offers, recoup a part of my ad spent but wouldn’t be profitable.

Having a list allowed me to capture the visitors, follow up, and eventually make them buy.

So if you’re spending a lot to generate those clicks and they don’t convert, it’s muito importante to build a list.

But what if the traffic source allows you to:

a) not spent a lot for visitors

b) convert them easily

Then you can skip list building if you want to.

And this traffic source makes it 100% possible.

I’m driving people straight to the sales page.

I don’t build a list nor do I follow up via email.
And yet, I’m profitable.

I know people who enjoy up to 1,332% ROAS (return of ad spent)
Pretty cool, right?

So if you’re too worried to build a list, you should attend this week’s workshop so you can see and understand more about this exciting traffic source.

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it’s you versus 2,000,000 other affiliates

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Affiliate marketing is growing fast.

Amazon has 900,000 associates. ShareASale, Awin, and Clickbank have 700,000+, 205,000+, and 100,000+ affiliates respectively.

In total, there are 2,000,000+ people interested in A.M.

On one hand that’s great because wherever you have competitors, it also means there’s a lot of money to be made.

On the other hand, how will you stand out?

You need to have an advantage over the other 2M affiliates.

This traffic source is my advantage

It has a lot of volume and an easy-to-use, newbie-friendly platform.

Even better, it converts really well and you can get started for only $10/day.

This week I’m hosting a live workshop revealing more about this exciting source and how it can generate as much as $4,017.88 in a single day.

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my 4 steps to passive income

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

1. select offer from affiliate marketplace (Clickbank is a good starting point)

2. get a free account for the new search PPC traffic source I’ll reveal today

3. easily setup a campaign in 30 minutes or less

4. watch your numbers

The last part is exciting.

For one campaign, my friend is spending $104.92 and generated $1,396.47 so far.

That’s a 1,332% ROAS (return of ad spent)

And he did it passively.

He didn’t use websites, landing pages, content, social media, autoresponders, podcasts, webinars, or even a list.

To me, that’s the true definition of passive income.

Everything is possible because this traffic source is still unsaturated and high converting.

The lucky few who take advantage of it can make a lot of money, in a very easy and relaxed way.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. It has happened in the past with Google, Facebook, and Youtube. And I predict it will happen with this one as well.

That’s why you should join me in today’s workshop.

I’ll reveal the new source and show you how I profit from it.

As you’ll see and understand, it’s the best kept secret of the digital marketing world right now.

And it would be a shame if you were still kept in the dark.

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his Facebook ad account really disturbed me

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

Recently a friend sent me a pic, showing his FB ad account

I won’t reveal his name, but he’s a well-known internet marketer.

Dude was paying up to 6.25 pounds per click, or 8.67 dollars.

Not per sale…

Per freaking click!

Those numbers really disturbed me.

Luckily, he has his own products and supplements his income with affiliate offers.
But what about you?

Do you have your own products?

Or you’re stuck at 5-15 commissions per conversion?

If you are, there’s no way you can make Facebook ads work for you. You could in the past, but today you shouldn’t touch them with a 1,000 foot pole.

Instead, you should check out this new traffic source.

I’m actually amazed by how affordable it is.

You can get English-speaking buyer clicks for just 0.32

That’s almost 20 times less than what my buddy has to pay Facebook, while living in agony 24/7, afraid to test new ads in case they ban him.

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“under the radar traffic source” workshop just started

Hey, It’s Igor on behalf of clientName

I just went live here

I’ll be showing you an under the radar search PPC traffic source that makes $4,017.88/day.

It’s high converting, newbie friendly, and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

You’re already late though and every minute you delay, you’re missing out.

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