-Edward Gates

Hey , my name is Edward Gates at Fiscal Fantasies Inc.

-Edward Gates

(that's me on the right!)

I'm an internet marketer specializing in direct email marketing and building sales funnels.

I'm extremely passionate about helping my clients succeed with their home-based online businesses through workshops I collaborate on with industry leaders.

To make sure I can help as many people as possible, all my workshops are absolutely free to attend (and you even get a gift for checking them out!).

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Who Else Wants To Lose 20, 30, 40+ Pounds While Drinking Tasty, Affordable, And Easy-To-Prepare Smoothies?
Would You Like To See And Understand How To Go Into Your Next Job Interview With More Confidence While Also Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Hired?
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Who Else Wants To Lose Weight While Eating All Of Their Favorite Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, Brownies, Cheesecakes & Candy?
How I escaped the 9-to-5 grind using affiliate marketing, without blogging or social media marketing
Traffic Generation Method For Affiliates Who Don’t Have a Lot Of Time Or Technical Skills
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income With a Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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