Free Book Reveals System Used To Generate 23 Million From Simple Digital Assets That You Don’t Even Have To Create Yourself

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the business models available out there? Most are either too complicated or they require a lot of capital to get started. This creates a huge problem for newbie business owners who don’t have the necessary skills or funds when they get started. However, there’s now a foolproof formula anyone can follow to create a simple online business that is guaranteed to make money, even if you’re a total technophobe and don’t consider yourself an “expert.”

John Thornhill has generated over $5,000,000 online and he’s helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs start (or grow) their online businesses. To date, his students have generated over $20 million. These days, John specializes in helping freedom-focused individuals create, launch, and sell their first digital product, even if they don’t consider themselves experts and have no idea where to start. Unlock John’s free e-book to discover how you can also experience your first 5 figure payday.